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Target Evidence I

  • Target Evidence I
  • Target Evidence I
  • Target Evidence I

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Product Details:
Title: Target Evidence
Year: 2021
Technique: Cross-stitch Embroidery
Format: Ø 28 cm
Signed on the back

The pattern is taken from Forensic study of gunshot residue distribution for close range shots with a silenced gun.
At one and the same time, Tina Scherzberg is preoccupied with the close, subtle, diverse and often unconscious and invisible traces we leave in everyday life, but also evidence of traces that humanity set as scars on the world. Traces that all matter, but which in most cases are forgotten or memorised only to disappear over time from our consciousness, to automatically be repeated, if we are not aware of it. The works are all symbolic on several simultaneous levels. Personal and universal. Physical and intangible. Historical and alerting.