Human to Broom

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  • Human to Broom

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Product Details:
Title: Human to Broom
Year: 2020
Technique: Original etching printed on 230 g Velin-Johannot paper
Format: 48h x 38w cm
Number: Edition of 10 ex numbered and signed by Tina Scherzberg

Tina Scherzberg recorded the trace of a woman sweeping leaves on the sidewalk on a copperplate that was covered with softground. The traces are registered and becomes revealed in the proces. The series of etchings all expose humans relation to the world in a number of ways - interaction with and between all living things, both animals and humans and human to human and the traces that can arise. TS also investigates the traces left in the interaction between human and things.

The copper plates appear both as monochromes of reinterpretation of abstract expressionism and as classical Renaissance copperplate experiments. The plates show both completely physical traces, but also the invisible mental traces that lie in our collective memory.